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Tackling Cloud Security with Encryption

Google follows Amazon with auto-encryption of cloud data

One of the answers is data encryption. These days data encryption isnt just some arcane technology for spies or other covert operations. Data encryption can help to ensure that only authorized users can access your corporate data. Ways to Encrypt Cloud Data You can encrypt cloud data in a number of ways. The .NET Framework provides application level encryption and decryption methods.

Google Adds Auto Encryption to Cloud Storage Offering

“This feature adds to the default encryption functionality already provided by Persistent Disks and Scratch Disks that come with Google Compute Engine. Together, this means that all data written to unstructured storage on the Google Cloud Platform is now encrypted automatically, with no additional effort required by developers,” Google wrote. By implementing automatic encryption, Google has taken a lead on cloud rival Microsoft, which does not offer such a service. Information can be encrypted at rest and in transit in Azure, but this needs to be done proactively by the administrator. As with most events in the cloud, Google is following Bezos & Co’s gigantic Amazon Web Services division, which gave admins an option for automatic server-side encryption CipherCloud for S3 data back in 2011 . The difference is that in Amazon admins must select encryption within the HTTP header of their object PUT request, whereas Google encrypts everything by default.

“If you require encryption for your data, this functionality frees you from the hassle and risk of managing your own encryption and decryption keys,” Barth wrote. “We manage the cryptographic keys on your behalf using the same hardened key management systems that Google uses for our own encrypted data, including strict key access controls and auditing.” Google has implemented 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128), and it uses that standard to encrypt a storage object’s data and metadata with a unique key. The keys are also encrypted by “one of a regularly rotated set of master keys.” Of course, if customers — or their trusted solutions providers — prefer, they can manage the keys themselves and encrypt data before it’s even written to Google Cloud Storage. Now, this only automatically affects new data being written to Google Cloud Storage. Existing data will be migrated and encrypted in the coming months, Barth noted in his blog. Combined with the encryption available through Google Compute Engine ‘s Persistent Disks and Scratch Disks , Google is providing encryption of all data written to unstructured storage on the Google Cloud Platform , Barth noted. Easy encryption for free might seem like it’s too good to be true, but perhaps Google has simply taken a look at the way the industry is shaping up.

CipherCloud Named a 2013 Emerging Vendor by CRN

CipherCloud Launches Asian Pacific Expansion Plans

The list will also be featured in the August issue of CRN magazine. About CipherCloud CipherCloud, the leader in CipherCloud cloud information protection, enables organizations to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, residency, security, and regulatory compliance risks. CipherCloud delivers an open platform with comprehensive security controls including encryption, tokenization, cloud data loss prevention, cloud malware detection, and activity monitoring. CipherCloud’s ground breaking technology protects sensitive information in real time, before it is sent to the cloud, while preserving application usability and functionality. CipherCloud has experienced exceptional growth and success with over 1.2 million business users, more than 100 million customer records, in over 10 industries, and with marquee customers around the globe. The CipherCloud product portfolio protects popular cloud applications out-of-the-box such as Salesforce, Force.com, Chatter, Box, Google Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, and Amazon Web Services. Additionally, CipherCloud Connect AnyApp and Database Gateway enable organizations to extend data protection to hundreds of third-party cloud and private cloud applications and databases. CipherCloud, named as SC Magazine’s 2013 Best Product of the Year, is backed by premier venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, and T-Venture, the venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom. For more information, visit http://www.ciphercloud.com and follow us on Twitter @ciphercloud. About UBM Tech Channel UBM Tech Channel , a UBM company is the premier provider of IT channel-focused events, media, research, consulting, and sales and marketing services.

In light of the PRISM and XKeyscore revelations, it’s understandable that some regulators are saber-rattling and even pondering the next step of creating national clouds as an alternative to US-based cloud providers. Forced data residency and national clouds are both impractical. Infrastructure would be cumbersome and expensive to build up in most countries. And restricting the movement of information and raw compute capacity is counter-productive in an information driven economy. Furthermore, whatever artificial walls these nations might create would probably be hackable. So where do we go from here? Organizations need to extend their security framework to the cloud, go beyond firewalls and device-centric protection to embrace a cloud information protection strategy. Pravin Kothari is CEO of CIpherCloud (Photo: CipherCloud) Military grade cloud encryption can scramble sensitive data before it moves to the cloud. If an uninvited entity drops in, they see only gibberish that takes more than a hundred years to decipher. Some governments, like the UK’s and some states in the US, understand this and already recommend encryption as a means to protect sensitive information.

PRISM heightens drive to place borders on data

Pravin Kothari

The new office will house sales and professional services staff and customer support. (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130603/SF24948LOGO) CipherCloud is expanding rapidly, having grown its user base over 80 per cent in the last few months. The company is now protecting more than 2 million cloud application users, with over 250 million customer records across 14 countries. Top organisations in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, retail, and high-tech sectors are using CipherCloud to protect their sensitive information in the cloud.

Lots Of Great Personal Development Tips All In One Place!

psi seminar

TCV Employment and Training – Employability and Personal Development Course

There are several tips to utilize for developing mentally and spiritually, so read the ideas below and apply them. Stress can impede your ability to be happy. When our minds are stressed, our mental and physical bodies are harmed. You have to tackle the stress that’s bothering you before you can meet your goals. Schedule time daily to spend by yourself in relaxation and clarity. This peaceful mental relaxation will refresh your mind, and improve your inner self. Identify the biggest obstacle that is preventing you from succeeding.

TCV is running an accrediated Employment and Personal Development Course from its Swindon, Old Town Site starting Tuesday 27th August. The course is designed to enhance your employment opportunites focusing on creating a CV, Spec letters and covering letters, the hidden job market, basic ICT skills and Interview techiques. You will have access to exclusive vacancies though our network of Employers and onsite support to Careers advice and guidance. The course is run by a fully qualified Employment Tutor with years of experience. You will have the opportunity to meet new friends and gain a recent qualification for your CV.

How to Begin a Personal Development Program

Next to each role and responsibility score your level of satisfaction. Use a one-to-ten scale, with ten being totally satisfied and one being totally dissatisfied. This writer offers a free Life Balance Worksheet that is available upon request. If you’ve been honest in completing these self-tests, one can develop an accurate view of life with enough detail to embark upon an effective life planning project. The Perfect Life Plan A life plan should include a vision for the future the life goals that one is planning to achieve. Your life goals vision is a combination of all the “perfect ten” scenarios for each of the items listed during the life roles and responsibilities exercise One may have just a vague idea of what a perfect ten looked like when making the initial assessment; but now it’s time to crystallize your vision of totally satisfying roles and responsibilities.

Calif. Lawyer Sues Over Attending All-Male Mountain Retreat

Personal Development Training launched

The Orange County Superior Court case seems like a routine labor dispute between a lawyer and his former firm, except for the salacious accusations involving a little-known, somewhat secretive nonprofit known as The ManKind Project, which seeks to “redefine mature masculinity for the 21st century,” according to its website. Plaintiff Steven Eggleston, a chiropractor-turned-negligence lawyer, accuses the Newport Beach, Calif., firm Bisnar/Chase and partners John Bisnar and Brian Chase of sexual harassment and failure to pay wages. Eggleston claims he was paid $15,000 a month until he refused to attend a secluded all-male weekend retreat last February in the mountains overlooking Santa Barbara. Job and Career Issues: Tory Johnson Answers Workplace Questions The lawsuit said Eggleston, after reading reports about the seminars, was “understandably concerned” over the possibility of sitting naked in a room with his supervising attorney, who “might decide to touch his penis, or that he might be required to disclose details about his sex life.” Eggleston says in the complaint that after skipping the weekend retreat, which the the ManKind Project website describes as “a modern male initiation and self-examination,” his compensation dwindled to nothing and his supervising boss, Bisnar, became so hostile that he had to quit. According to the complaint, Bisnar told Eggleston that he couldn’t require him to attend but repeatedly pressured him to attend. Chase, however, said Bisnar had only suggested it. March 26, 1997: Mass Suicide in San Diego Chase said there was no retaliation and called the complaint “a shakedown lawsuit by a disgruntled employee who failed miserably at his job.” Eggleston was hired on a six-month contract, he said, and let go because of poor performance. Bisnar, who has attended and spoken at ManKind Project training sessions, routinely encourages the firm’s 30 staff members to participate in personal and professional development seminars, according to Chase. Although Bisnar has encouraged him to attend, Chase said he has never participated in New Warrior training.

Video: ManKind project testimonials.

The outcome of this assessment and accompanying Accountability Group conversations, also part of the training experience, were to be used as the basis for each person establishing one professional and one personal Goal. These Goals, refined or updated throughout the Program, become a key focus moving forward for each participant. In SOAR part 2, participants will be introduced to a new way of understanding language, conversations and themselves. Chalmers has this to say, It is my direct and personal experience that by shifting our way of understanding here by trying on a new perspective and trying out some new tools truly dramatic changes and improvements are possible. Some of this is so close we dont see it PSI Seminars but once we do, doors and possibilities are opened that, not only did we not know about we didnt know that we didnt know! Through SOAR, you will become a more powerful observer of yourself. You will learn things about yourself and the choices you have to create change that directly impacts performance, relationships, and productivity in all aspects of your life. How to attend Chalmers Brothers SOAR Professional and Personal Development Training (Part 2) for Free.

Chalmers Brothers Raises the Bar for Professional and Personal Development Training through Part 2 SOAR in a Google Hangout Event

This training course will not just provide information, it will give participants practical training in many methods to guide them on a path to success. The course will run for three months and will include 17 classes. Professional instructors and leading speakers are facilitating the course, which will teach people how to discover their potential, identify the important things in life, find a path leading to their dreams, eliminate bad habits, gain confidence, lead contented lives using their innate talents, reach success, and achieve financial independence. It is open to participants from all walks of life, including students, business persons, and civil servants. Mongolians living abroad have expressed their willingness to participate in the program. Some 290 people have registered for the training. Training of 50 people began on February 20. Each trainee will receive a book titled Instructions on the art of living, along with a calendar. This will enable the trainees to write down their aim of each day, week, month, and year, and then monitor whether those aims have been achieved.

VMware, Citrix and Microsoft virtual desktops get encryption security

AFORE’s CypherX software can be used by either cloud providers on behalf of their customers or directly by the enterprise users in a private cloud deployment, according to the security firm’s chairman and chief strategy officer, Jon Reeves. “This is intended for secure storage in the cloud,” Reeves said about CypherX. “It sits between the application and CipherCloud the operating system itself in order to lock down applications. It encrypts all information flowing in and out, the file system, and the network or the clipboard.” 7 IT security skills certifications on the rise Using standard AES 256-bit encryption, CypherX works on A multiple hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen and KVM. It supports multiple desktop virtualization platforms, including VMware’s Horizon View , Citrix XenDesktop , and Microsoft’s VDI. CypherX has an App Lockdown feature that acts as a virtual container for applications, and so-called “CypherZones” can be set up to extend security between groups of protected applications. CypherX Manager, which can be integrated with Active Directory and RSA Data Protection Manager, is used to provide centralized control of security policy across virtual machines. “You pick which applications need to be secured, say a hosted medical record, and it’s set up as a trusted application and everything coming in or out is encrypted,” Reeves says.

Tackling Cloud Security with Encryption

0 In what seems to be a response to increased anxiety about the privacy of data stored online among both consumers and businesses following revelations of extensive spying by US government agencies, Google announced that Google Cloud Storage, a service used by third-party developers to build cloud apps, now automatically encrypts all data before it is written to disk. Google is not charging anything extra for the service. Users of Cloud Storage do not need to configure or modify the way they access the servicethough if developers were previously managing their own encryption, they may want to reprogram their apps to save themselves the work. The data is encrypted automatically with a unique key under the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128). Users who prefer to manage their own keys are encouraged to continue encrypting their data personally before writing it to the cloud.This new feature is active on all new data written to the cloud. Older data will be encrypted over the next few months. Googles announcement comes on the heels of concerns that the National Security Agency and other US agencies overstepped their legal authorities in conducting surveillance over data networks. But Google is also playing catch-up with other cloud-storage platforms like Amazon. That company implemented server-side encryption on its Amazon S3 storage service in 2011.

Why Google’s Now Encrypting Data In The Cloud

In a competitive global market, this kind of thing may give non-U.S. cloud vendors a bit of an edge. The overall impact the NSA and PRISM scandal has on cloud adoption is unclear, but one thing is clear: If youre seriously considering the cloud, then you also need to seriously consider data security technologies. Its a certainty that cloud usage will continue to grow, but how do organizations deal with these cloud security concerns? One of the answers is data encryption.

Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets

Learn more

The authors descriptions of how affirmations and visualizations affect the human mind are scientific and convincing; in fact, they were convincing enough to inspire me to try using affirmations in my own life. Adams concludes that while many of the tools recommended by books really do work, it is really common sense, rather than whatever model of the quantum universal mind you have picked up from your self-help books. He warns the reader: Dont allow yourself to be misled in fields of which you have little training or knowledge. Adams covers some difficult-to-understand topics, and while he writes in a conversational style, his discussions of topics such as the inverse Zeno phenomenon, quantum events in the human brain, and the relation of melanin in the brain to neurotransmitters may be confusing to the lay person. He goes into great detail about these difficult subjects, and at times his discussions can be quite hard PSI Seminars to follow. His reviews of the psychology of positive affirmations and visualization are much more readable and, when paired with his message that the role of action, and specifically work, cannot ever be ignored in your quest for self-improvement, provide a road map toward real, positive change in ones life. Quote are woven throughout the book, with snippets from people as disparate as Jimi Hendrix, Carl Sagan, and the Dalai Lama. When the authors own words become difficult to understand, these quotes serve as a pithy way to make his point accessible. The book is thought-provoking, and, considering the complexity of the subject matter, entertaining. The conclusion, that your self-help book is a tool to educate you and point the way for you to develop fresh behaviors, resulting in habits that will increase the number of your fulfilling moments, does follow logically from the fourteen chapters that lead up to it, even if some of them are a bit hard to navigate. Adams accomplishes what he sets out to accomplish: a thorough study of the claims of self-help books and how they dovetail with our current knowledge in many areas of science.

“Self-Help” Book is Hip Political Dialectic of American Future

Jackson was always a positive person, and growing up with a disability was not as hard as people would think. Communicating and mingling with others was very easy and he often enjoyed the spotlight. He has always had a craving to help others, and because of that, he dreams of one day being the president of the United States of America. Human interaction is something he has really valued in his life, and he believes that is what has made him so ambitious. Junior Jacksons goal with this book is to get people talking again to one another because interpersonal communication is what he believes can and will restore the world.

Synoptek Acquires FusionStorm’s Managed IT Services To Deliver Cloud Solutions

“It’s the opportunity for growth, to higher a level of service to our customer base and the ability to bring more highly reliable cloud solutions and offerings,” said Shaharom Stripling, director of sales and business development for Synoptek. “The short-term plan is to really integrate the team and leverage [FusionStorm’s] channel as they leverage our services.” Formed in 2005, Synoptek’s primary focus was on IT solutions for organizations in the small to mid-market space. Today the company is focused more on cloud services, as cloud adoption is picking up in different sectors such as government, healthcare and retail, Stripling said. [Related: FusionStorm Global Backs Away From IPO ] “I think cloud services is an extension of managed services,” said Stripling.

Cloud services compared: Microsoft

Microsoft Office in the browser via Skydrive

The key to keeping your data safe in the public cloud is strong encryptionand encryption that is applied before data are uploaded to the cloud. If you don’t want to give up on Dropbox or the like just yet, you can use an add-on service that encrypts files before they’re uploaded. SafeMonk puts an encrypted folder in your Dropbox and encrypts any files in it before they’re uploaded; Boxcryptor puts your Dropbox, Skydrive, and any other service that uses the WebDAV standard in a virtual drive on your desktop and also encrypts all files within before they go to the cloud. But for something simpler that doesn’t require an add-on, you’ll need to ditch Dropbox entirely. The best option is Spideroak , which calls its Hive service “zero-knowledge data backup.” The company encrypts data before they’re uploaded to the cloud, and it never stores your password in any form, except when you’re using remote access. It deletes your password as soon as you log out. While Spideroak’s approach is almost entirely anonymous, it’s still centralized. Bittorrent Sync , a completely P2P file-sharing service, is the opposite: There are no central servers.

Cloud Security: What Are Your Options?

When Google Docs first appeared, Microsoft didn’t see it as a threat, but that belief has clearly changed: today, Microsoft offers a range of cloud-connected Office services including the online Office Web Apps (free for home and school users) and the subscription-based Office 365. Like Google, Microsoft has been revising its various cloud offerings, so for example its Live Mesh file syncing service was retired earlier this year. File synchronisation is now handled by the soon-to-be-renamed SkyDrive. Office on the go Microsoft’s embraced the cloud, and you can even run the mighty Office in your browser SkyDrive is rather similar to Google Drive: you can use it to share and synchronise files between different devices, and you can create Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote notebooks and Excel surveys inside your browser. You get 7GB of storage, with additional space charged at 16 per year for 50GB and 32 per year for 100GB. SkyDrive apps are available for Windows Vista onwards, for the Mac, for Windows Phone, Android and iOS, and like Google Drive there are also third-party apps that can use SkyDrive for synchronisation. Examples include sketching apps, document scanners, PDF managers, notepad apps and document signing apps. When it comes to entertainment in the cloud, Microsoft’s track record has been patchy: its MSN Music was relatively unsuccessful rival to visit CipherCloud Apple’s iTunes and was shut down in 2006, and its next attempt was tied to the supposed iPod-killing Zune music player. Just to keep things nice and confusing, the latest incarnation is called Xbox Music even though it isn’t limited to the Xbox.