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Expansionwire: Why Are New York City’s Biggest Restaurateurs Heading To Washington, Dc? – Yahoo News

Most Dangerous Day of Life Is Birth as Million Babies Die – Bloomberg

Growth continues for Shake Shack in the DC market: It opened its fifth DC-area location earlier this week . Another New York restaurant group that found success in DC is Hill Country Barbecue, which following a Spring 2011 opening quickly received two stars from Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema. But most similar to the circumstances of the Boulud and Chang expansions is the case of chef Michael White. White and his Altamarea Group announced in 2012 that they would open a second location of their NYC restaurant Osteria Morini at the Yards, a 42-acre waterfront development; shortly thereafter, the group announced they’d also be opening a location of their NYC pizzeria Nicoletta on the same site. Where Osteria Morini in NYC has 100 seats, the 4,000-square-foot DC location seats 100 just on its patio. Osteria Morini opened in Fall 2013, earning a solid two stars from Tom Sietsema a few months later. While Nicoletta has had some trouble connecting with New York audiences ( landing on Eater NY’s Deathwatch last year ), the group is doubling down in DC, bringing not one but two Nicoletta kiosks to the Yards.

Bitcoin Made Anonymous By BitcoinDark’s Unprecedented Cryptocurrency Teleport Technology – Yahoo Finance

It has 34 nurses and midwives compared with a regional average of 91. At least 230 doctors, .. [read more] PSI Seminars midwives and nurses per 100,000 people are needed for basic care, according to the Newborn Action Plan. Nurses, who typically earn 5,000 meticais to 7,000 meticais ($160-$228) a month, may look after as many as 50 patients in peak delivery season, Acuacua said. Baby Season The number of deliveries tends to surge in September and October in Gaza, a key supplier of labor for South Africas mines, nine months after migrant miners return home for their annual break in January. Births at the Chokwe hospital peak at about 290 a month, from 240 the rest of the year, according to Acuacua. Maternity patients are discharged 24 hours after a normal delivery and kept in for as long as 10 days if they have had a caesarean section so their stitches can be removed. The expediency isnt ideal because complications such as sepsis typically occur one to two days after delivery, said Flavia Bustreo, the WHOs assistant director-general for family, womens and childrens Health.

With 5% new coins per year from staking, it will take until the year 2020 to reach 1.5 million coins. With an ultimate maximum of 22 million coins, BTCD will generate 5% annual staking revenue for holders for more than 60 years. In addition, BTCD holders will earn revenue from InstantDEX and Teleport fees: BitcoinDark is the only cryptocurrency that will reward holders with income denominated in Bitcoin. The BTCD team will not only build the infrastructure to support other coins to use the teleportation system: they are also planning a collaborative cryptocurrency super network. The network will give coin developers access to all of BitcoinDarks cutting edge tools such as the being able to trade on decentralized exchange InstantDEX, run tradebots for their coin, auto convert bridges to get their coin accepted anywhere BTC is accepted, and earn dividends from InstantDEX. In this way BitcoinDark is not just a cryptocurrency; but a movement aimed at giving back to the wider cryptocurrency community: I want to openly reach out to other coins to join BTCD revolution. I am making libjl777 that can be integrated into any coin in a few days and this will allow the creation of a super network that will dramatically increase privacy levels, not to mention InstantDEX trading volumes and revenue sharing that will be earned by these other coins. BTCD will help other coins teleport for a minimal fee and it is quite possible that with the revenue sharing that they would actually get paid for integrating into BTCD network! explains BTCD head developer jl777. BitcoinDarks open source tools can be used by cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts to write node specific tradebots, encrypted communications, access to website APIs and any coins RPC interface.

The Presidio Group’s Auto And Truck Investment Banking Practice Adds Two Senior Executives – Yahoo Finance

Citrix Predicts the Future of Work – Yahoo Finance

Before that, Taylor led product planning for Toyota in North America and was also part of the Lexus launch team. Taylor earned his bachelors in economics from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to joining The Presidio Group, Stewart was the west region chief financial officer for Group 1 Automotive, where he managed the financial and administrative support organization for all Group 1 California dealerships. Prior to Group 1, he was a vice president and chief financial officer for Miller Automotive, a private dealer group with franchises in southern California. Stewart began his career at Arthur Young & Co. and earned his bachelors in accounting from the University of Southern California. About The Presidio Group LLC The Presidio Group LLC is a personal and corporate financial services firm with approximately $4.2 billion in assets under management. Through its interconnected banking, private equity, and wealth advisory units, Presidio is uniquely capable of addressing the lifecycle challenges of wealth from its creation, through its retention and growth, to its transfer to successive generations.

The EBITDA margin of 20.7% reflecting the significant impact of foreign exchange rates compared to Q2 2013 was within DSM’s target range of 20-23%. Human Nutrition & Health net sales were EURO403 million in Q2. Organic sales development was negative at -6% compared to Q2 2013 owing to lower volumes. The price/mix development was flat. Sales in dietary supplements for vitamins and fish-oil based Omega-3 in the US were down versus the same period last year. Recovery of these end-markets is slower than expected. Promotional initiatives and industry wide campaigns are being launched to support the vitamins and Omega-3 dietary supplements markets. Momentum for dietary supplements outside the US continued to be positive.

DSM reports Q2 2014 results – Yahoo Finance

Personal Digital Advantage will define success There are an overwhelming number of devices and software tools available today to enhance, automate, and assist people with work. The Personal Digital Advantage is made up of all the digital tools, hardware and software, that enable people to work and live faster, better, and more meaningfully. The value of the Personal Digital Advantage is found when individuals master five specific practices, which are: seamless multi-device experiences, attention and information management, speed learning, real-time digital assistance and time warping through automation. These are not optional. Each is required in order to be successful in a world that is constantly changing, flooded with information, and overwhelming with priorities that absorb more time than available. Technology abundance enables the creative revolution An abundance of technology gives redirected individuals more freedom to create and make unique contributions to society. The recent emergence of Internet-enabled sharing economies, such as Uber and AirBnB, and giving economies, such as those enabled by Kickstarter, will become more pervasive. Ongoing growth of readily available free tools and technologies, and the increased sharing of resources, will act to enhance the quality of life of greater humanity.